Goats On The Roof Is Highly-Rated Fun!

Posted by Phil Rodgers in Wears Valley

Trying new things can sometimes feel like a bit of a risk. Even if no danger is involved, it can be challenging to visit places we've never been or have no prior experience with. In such cases, we might ask friends who have traveled to the place we're considering, or we might read online reviews, to get a gauge of what to expect.

Two goats having fun.

That's one of the advantages of websites like TripAdvisor. Customers who have traveled to specific destinations, for example, rate their experiences and are able to write specific reviews, similar to the way people rate products on Google or Amazon. Fortunately for us at Goats on the Roof in Pigeon Forge, the reviews of previous customers on TripAdvisor are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, out of 3,023 customer ratings (at the time of this posting), we've earned 4.5 out of 5 stars overall. The vast majority rated us as Excellent (the highest rating possible), and more than 90 percent rated us Excellent or Very Good.

Those ratings place us among the top 20 things to do in Pigeon Forge. And when you consider all there is to do in Pigeon Forge (everything from Dollywood to Titanic Museum), that's pretty good company.

One reason visitors like us is that we're unique. Come on, how many other attractions have live goats hanging out on their rooftop? After all, “Goats on the Roof” isn't just a name. It's truth in advertising! You can not only walk up to the roof of our main building to observe the goats, you can help take care of them by sending them a bucket of feed from the Goat Cycles on our main level. Just hop on and start pedaling, and that crazy contraption will shuttle the goats' favorite snacks right up to the top floor.

Also popular at Goats on the Roof is our Goat Coaster. It's an alpine coaster that's nearly a mile long and winds its way down from the top of the mountain next to our attraction. Cars can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour, but that's all up to you. Each passenger controls a hand brake, so you can let 'er fly all the way up to 30, or if that's a little too intense, pump the brakes and dial the speed back to a more comfortable level. Along the way, you'll enjoy gorgeous mountain views and a smooth (but wild) seven-minute ride from top to bottom.

See if you can find that rare gem.

While you're at GOTR, you might want to spend some time in our gem-mining area or browse the unique, hand-crafted merchandise at our store and gift shop. It's a two-level space that has everything from clothing to snacks and everything in between.

What are some of our previous customers saying about us on TripAdvisor? Here are just a few recent excerpts:

“Man, I love this place! And so does my 4-year-old! Yes, it's off the main strip but so worth the drive.”

“This place is quite a unique experience. The goats on the roof will eat from your cup if you pedal it up there with one of the special bikes that are located down below… In the meantime, go inside the store, which is stocked full of merchandise with something for everyone… Goats on the Roof is a quirky placed and a fun spot to spend a bit of time.”

“I have two teenage boys with autism/ADHD… and everyone who works there is always very patient and kind with them. This means quite a bit to us as parents… Everyone is wonderful and treats the boys like they've known them forever. I love to go upstairs… and see the goats on the roof waiting for the people on the ground to send up goat food for them. On another note, my youngest son and I have ridden the Goat Coaster quite a few times… I highly recommend visiting while you are in the area for any sort of trip or event. It will be a worthwhile and unforgettable experience.”


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