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Posted by Phil Rodgers in Wears Valley

This just may be the blog post you never knew you needed. Or wanted. But here it is anyway - our comprehensive look back at the literal roles that goats have played in some of your favorite films and television shows. Why are we focusing on goats? Because they're the star of our attraction at Goats on the Roof in Pigeon Forge!

Baby goats in Pigeon Forge.

We actually have live goats doing their goat thing on the roof of our store and gift shop. Although they live up high (as goats like to do), you can still get up-close views of them (as they graze on our natural grass landscaping) by taking the stairs to the upper level. You can also feed them yourself thanks to our unique Goat Cycle. It's a stationary bike that you pedal at ground level, and it sends buckets of goat feed up to the roof for our four-hooved guests' dining pleasure.

And while you can always enjoy live goats by visiting our location on Wears Valley Road, there are also lots of opportunities to see goats being goats on the large and small screens. In fact, you probably didn't realize goats had gotten so much Hollywood screen time. Here's a quick run-down of the highlights:

The Andy Griffith Show

In this classic episode, Mayberry local Cy Hudgins brings his goat, Jimmy, into town for the day, during which time the goat chows down on a cache of dynamite that was being stored for a highway construction project. Of course, Andy and Barney have to find a way to get the goat out of town before it goes kablooie.

Jurassic Park

You probably already know where this is going. While taking a tour of the Jurassic Park facility, Dr. Grant and company watch one poor goat get elevated to ground level and released from its cage as dinosaur chow. In a later scene, it would finally be consumed as a nighttime snack by a ravenous T. rex. Poor goat…

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Technically, the character of Mr. Tumnus wasn't 100-percent goat. He was a faun - half goat, half man. But with his whiskered chin and pointy ears, his goat characteristics were definitely in full view. Mr. Tumnus was very kind to the character of Lucy, although later in the film, he almost betrayed her by kidnapping her. Fortunately, his conscience gets the better of him, and he ditches the plan.

Take home goats at Wears Valley store.

Pan's Labyrinth

Another film, another faun. This half-goat-half-man creature, named Pan, was really neither villain nor hero, but he does act as a catalyst to the protagonist's on-screen adventures. He informs the main character Ofelia of her true identity as Princess Moanna and guides her through the tasks that will allow her to return to the Underworld to be with her true parents. The brainchild of director Guillermo del Toro, Pan is, if nothing else, eye-catching thanks to his large ram-like horns.


The witch Lamia needs a quick means of transportation, but she doesn't use her powers to conjure up a magic broom. Instead, she stumbles upon a goat and a boy and turns the boy into another goat. She leashes both goats to a cart and makes them pull her down the road in her makeshift goat-drawn carriage. Later, the witch turns both goats back into boys, although Billy (the former goat) makes for an awkward first-time human being.


Remember this hit NBC sitcom co-starring Chevy Chase? In one episode, the character of Abed wants to have a college experience just like in the movies, so he steals the mascot of rival school City College. This goat is also named Billy.

The Brady Bunch

Or perhaps Community stole that idea from this popular 1970s sitcom classic. In one of the final seasons, Greg Brady is involved in stealing the goat mascot from a rival high school and agrees to keep the critter in the Brady house. And hilarity ensues.

Taylor Swift's “Mean” video

Back in 2013, someone made a remix of the video for the Taylor Swift song “Mean.” The amateur recut featured a goat that would scream on beat in a series of appearances. Here's the viral clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc_W1_d2g2g

The Witch

You horror fans who saw this 2015 creepfest will definitely remember the goat that did a great job of unsettling audiences with its taunting stare and ability to walk on its hind legs. This goat had a name too: Black Philip.


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