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In the decade that we've been in the Smokies of East Tennessee, all of us at Goats On The Roof have prided ourselves on offering visitors a unique mountain experience. And we've tried to offer entertainment that fits in with our natural surroundings. For example, our resident goats are alpine creatures that are comfortable in high altitudes and on steep slopes.

No brakes all the way done on this mountain coaster.

We've also done a pretty good job of incorporating some of our other attractions into the landscape-literally. Our Goat Coaster is another great example of how we've taken advantage of the hills that surround us. It's an alpine mountain coaster that provides plenty of thrills by putting our guests in the driver's seat and letting gravity do all the work as they zoom their way downhill.

Next to the goats, the Goat Coaster is probably our most beloved attraction at Goats On The Roof. Having made its debut here seven years ago, it measures 4,875 feet in length-nearly a mile-and, depending on the number and size and weight of the passengers-it can reach speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour.

Two can ride the alpine coaster.

Your speed also depends on how brake-happy you are. If the idea of taking a hairpin turn that fast is a little too daring for you, just know that the driver (you) is always in control. You're welcome to make the experience as hair-raising or as tame as you feel comfortable with. If you feel as if things are going just a little too fast, just gently pull back on the brake lever, and you'll slow down. Whenever you feel the need for speed, let up on the brake, and you'll pick up some steam.

Each sled is designed to carry one or two passengers, and we do have a few height, age and weight requirements. Passengers must be at least three years old and must be at least 38 inches tall to ride. Drivers must be at least 54 inches tall and must be at least 16 years old to drive with another passenger on board. Our maximum height limit is seven feet tall. Although that is a rarity, the main thing is that we don't want anyone getting smacked in the face by a tree branch. The total weight of passengers may not exceed 375 pounds, although that limit is reduced to 330 pounds in wet weather.

Hang that turn for the ultimate thrill ride.

Once you begin your ride at the top of the mountain, you simply let gravity do its thing as your sled begins twisting and winding its way to the bottom of the course. You'll probably spend a good deal of time deciding how much or how little brake you want to use, but don't forget to take in your surroundings while you're enjoying your seven-minute ride. Our setting serves up gorgeous mountain views of our East Tennessee hills and offers a unique perspective on our neck of the woods.

Of course, we prioritize safety at the Goat Coaster. We'll go over all those concerns when you get here, but suffice it to say that we're proud of our safety record and the unique features we offer that make our coaster one of the safest you'll find anywhere.

High above the ground at some points on this coaster.

Another great thing about the Goat Coaster is that it's accessible year 'round. We open at 9 a.m., and our closing hours vary according to the time of year and crowd levels and weather conditions. But when we're operational, we run the coaster rain or shine. In fact, a little snow or a little rain can make the ride even more exciting. We will temporarily halt rides, however, when weather conditions become extreme, as in the case of thunder, lightning or an intense storm.

If you have any further questions about the Goat Coaster or any of the other attractions at Goats On The Roof, give us a call at 865-366-7337.


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