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WHY Are There Goats On Your Roof?

Goats on the roof is a real thing.You have to admit it: Goats On The Roof is a catchy name for a tourist attraction. And for the past 10 years, we've answered a lot of questions about that name and how it came to be. Regardless of the origins, we're proud to say that we actually DO have live goats on our roof. What you see is what you get. But if you want to know more about WHY they're up there in the first place, then we'll share that backstory with you in this post.

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Coast Your Way To Fun!

No brakes all the way done on this mountain coaster.In the decade that we've been in the Smokies of East Tennessee, all of us at Goats On The Roof have prided ourselves on offering visitors a unique mountain experience. And we've tried to offer entertainment that fits in with our natural surroundings. For example, our resident goats are alpine creatures that are comfortable in high altitudes and on steep slopes.

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Goats On The Roof of the Smokies

Goats on the Roof of the SmokiesIf you've ever taken the scenic drive from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley (or vice versa), you may have noticed something a little unusual just off Wears Valley Road. In fact, you may have seen live goats hanging out on the roof of one particular roadside business. If that's the case, don't worry; you weren't seeing things. That's just a typical day here at our unique Pigeon Forge attraction called, appropriately enough, Goats On The Roof of the Smokies.

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