Goats on the Roof

Comments from our guests


"Off the beaten path"

Most of the attractions are on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, but we found this place on the road between P.F. and Wears Valley. We stopped on impulse and had a great time. We had fun feeding the goats, and we stocked up on some homemade fudge while we were there.

M. Sanford
Cottondale, Alabama


"Brought back memories!"

My parents took us to see the original Goats on the Roof in Wisconsin when we were kids. I still remember the goats and the Swedish pancakes! So I was thrilled to find the one near Pigeon Forge. We let the kids feed the goats and hang out in the gift shop. It's cool that they'll probably remember this when they grow up and have kids of their own…

G. Rawlings
Alpharetta, Georgia

"This was something different!"

We've been to the Smokies for so many years now, I was starting to think we'd seen and done all the family attractions. We hadn't heard about Goats on the Roof till we went to Tennessee for fall break. Just stumbled onto it, but we were excited to find something that's so much different from what we've already seen.

K. Brasel
Schuyler, Virginia


"Kids'll love it…"

If you're traveling with young children, consider stopping at this new place in Pigeon Forge. I think it's just a few bucks to buy feed for the goats, but it's really a great deal when you consider how much most attractions cost in that area. Plus our kids absolutely loved feeding the goats. We knew the youngest would (3 and 5), but we were surprised that the 12 year old enjoyed it as much as she did. And if you don't want to pay to feed the goats, it's basically free just to go up on the roof and watch them.

J. Martinez
Clay City, Kentucky

"One of a kind, for sure"

We just happened to spot Goats on the Roof on our way to Wears Valley, so on the way back, we stopped in just to see what it was all about. (The name aroused our curiosity.) I'm glad we did. Everyone was kind of tired from exploring the national park, and GOTR gave us a great place to sit down and relax with some ice cream and homemade fudge. And yes, we went upstairs to watch the goats.

A. Sullivan
Justin, Texas

"Feed the goats!"

If nothing else, you gotta stop and feed the goats. They have this contraption that looks like a bicycle, and you pedal it, and it transports a bucket of feed up to the goats on the roof. Yep, they're on the roof, as advertised. Even if you don't feed them, they have a place upstairs where you can watch them through the windows.

Y. Reynolds
Cornelius, North Carolina

"A little bit of everything…"

This place actually does have live goats on the roof, but they've also got one of those gem mining set-ups where you can purchase a bag of dirt and use the water sluice to sift through and find real gems. They've also got homemade ice cream and candies and fudge and a big gift shop, so there's something for everyone if you're looking for a unique place to take a break with the fam.

B. Inman
Keystone West Virginia


"Can't beat the price!"

If you wanted to, you could hang out at Goats on the Roof without spending a dollar and watch the goats for free. Even if you decide to buy the goat feed or do the gem mining, it's all very reasonably priced.

J. Poore
Amsterdam, Ohio


"Kids couldn't stop laughing"

We stopped mainly because we thought it would be something the kids would enjoy. We were right. Our four year old couldn't stop laughing when the goats made noises, and he got so tickled, it got us laughing too. Glad we decided to stop! Can we take the goats home with us?

W. Kendall
Winona, Mississippi


"Already a tradition"

This place just opened last year, and it's already become a tradition. We were talking about going back to Pigeon Forge or Sevierville this summer, and the kids started asking if we can go back to Goats on the Roof.

L. Farrow
Charleston, South Carolina

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